American Gladiators new event, Tilt

The new event on American gladiators was fun to watch. Tilt is basicly tug-of-war.  Episode three, season two, Toby and Brick went up against Toa. Brick pulled Toa in and then Toa pulled Toby in. De and Tiffaney went up against Hellga. Hellga pulled Tiffaney in and De pulled in Hellga.

Tilt is contender versus Gladiator in the ultimate battle of tug-of-war taking place above the water. Contender and Gladiator are each situated on platforms that tilt as body weight is displaced. On “go” the contender’s tilt is at a more advantageous angle that they must secure if they hope to succeed and pull the Gladiator off. The Gladiator is trying to tilt the platforms back to their advantage in order to defeat the contender. Whoever lands in the water first loses.


BRICK REILLY to the Semi-finals

BRICK REILLY, Going to the semi-finals!
AGE: 27 HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 165 lbs
SPORTS: Mountain biking, hiking and basketball
PROFESSION: Mentor for Deaf Children and Tree Climber
Brick Reilly is a 27-year-old tree climber from Springfield, New Jersey. He was born deaf and has always deemed athletics an important escape from the realities of life. Though Reilly recently had a cochlear implant which gave him the ability to hear, he never used his disability as an excuse in his life. He works as a mentor for deaf children in the New Jersey area. He was super fast!

Beast Overexcites Narrator

Hulk Themed American Gladiator Episode

Watch Wolf Sing To Crush on American Gladiators

It is rumored that Lou Ferrigno will guest host an episode of American Gladiators to promote the new movie, “The Incredible Hulk”.  Holy cow! How many times are they going to remake this dang movie? When will they stop? There are so many other good movies they could remake over and over again. Stop Hollywood, stop! They are never any good. Give up on The Incredible Hulk! Ok, now I’m done. I feel better now that I got that out of my system. Thanks for listening. Have a good day. Read more here

American Gladiators: Wolf and Hellga

Beast Overexcites Narrator
New American Gladiator BEAST
Interview with Mayhem
Wolf on the Tony Rose Show
American Gladiator WOLF News & Trivia

New American Gladiator Steel

Click here on the link below for the scoop on Steel, the newest American Gladiator. Erin Toughill will make and appearance at last (probably on Monday nights show 5/26/08).

Scoop on STEEL, American Gladiator

Scoop on HURRICANE, American Gladiator

Scoop on American Gladiator PANTHER

Scoop on PHOENIX, American Gladiator

Scoop on JET, American Gladiator

Scoop on ROCKET, American Gladiator

Scoop on STEEL, American Gladiator

Scoop on ZEN, American Gladiator

Scoop on VENOM- American Gladiator

Scoop on SIREN- American Gladiators

scoop on MILITIA – American Gladiators

Scoop on MAYHEM- American Gladiators Clip

Scoop on HELLGA- American Gladiators TV Interview Clip

Scoop on STEALTH & American Gladiators Clip

Scoop on TITAN – American Gladiators – There can only be one!

Scoop on TOA- American Gladiator

Scoop on JUSTICE – American Gladiators

Scoop on FURY & American Gladiators Clip

Scoop on CRUSH & American Gladiators Clip

and the best for last….

Scoop on WOLF & American Gladiators Video

Sorry Wolf, I had to post it. . .

Wolf on the red carpet:

American Gladiators, The NEW Eliminator

For season 2 they made some changes on the Eliminator. They added more fire at the beginning for a longer underwater swim.  There is a now rope swing over to the new tight rope. A six-foot-deep ‘ball pit’ was added under the hand bike. There is a teeter-totter to run up and over and a rolling pin was added. After the travelator there is now a rope swing and a splashing finish.

With the second episode on season two both male contenders have a rough time on the travelator and Melvin finished first. Abbe got up the travelator on the second try. Vicky made it up the travelator on the first try.

Eliminator times:

Abbe Dorn: 2:58

Vanessa Warren: 3:36

Melissa 9:42

Randee Harnes: 2:06

Gerry 3:02

Melvin: 9:42

Eliminator Videos, Episode 1 Season 2





ZEN On the Wall, American Gladiators

On the second episode of Season 2, the new gladiator makes his first entrance. His name is Zen. Wow, he can do backflips. On the Wall event, Zen is coming after Melvin. Rocket is behind David. Poor David, Rocket is so fast (our nickname for Rocket, Evan Dollard, is Red Bull). Zen takes Melvin down and Rocket takes down David.

On the wall for the women, Phoenix is after Vicky and Venom is behind Abby. Phoenix is a fast climber, she catches up with Vicky fast. Phoneix knocks her off. Abby is way ahead of of Venom. She was so close and would have made it, but slipped near the top and fell off. Abby is tough.

Skytrack Event, American Gladiators

On the new Skytrack event, the contenders speed around a figure eight track (It resembles a rollercoaster track). Very high up, they are chased by two gladiators. When the gladiator catches them they fall off and are suspended from a cable/bungee cord thing. So far, none of the contenders have made it around.

“Two contenders race side-by-side around a figure-eight track, suspended from the ceiling on their backs. Chasing them are two Gladiators, whose goal is to pull a rip cord dangling from the contender, sending them falling from the sky.”

Click here for more on the Skytrack from American Gladiator’s official website.

American Gladiators Police Episode

In this second episode of American gladiators, the male and female contenders know each other. The men are Chicago police officers and the women are Denver police officers. They work together and know each other. How interesting!

David Moore, 31 year old, 5’11, 215 lbs. He is a health nut and dedicated family man. 

Melvin Davis, 42 year old, 5’10, He’s been a policeman for fifteen years and his goal is to help the community and give back, and he loves his work. He was actress Jennifer Hudson’s bodyguard.

The women contestants are Denver police officers and best friends. 

Abbe Dorn, 5’6″, 152 lbs 28 year old. A body builder and former fitness model. Abbe currently lives in Centennial Park, Colorado. Venom told Abbe she looked like a barbie doll before hang tough.

Vicki Ferrari 5’3″ tall and 124 lbs. This 35 year old narcotics officer  (nicknamed Pitbull) comes from a police family.  It is said she has a quick temper and her husband is also a policeman. 



New American Gladiator Xin Wuku: ZEN

A new gladiator was revealed last night Xin Wuku as ZEN

“ZEN brings his own lethal combination of ancient eastern tradition and 21st century battle technique to Gladiator Arena. Born to create chaos, this mysterious warrior uses superhuman speed and highflying skills to dispatch anyone unlucky enough to cross his path before they even realize they’re in danger, and the slips back into the shadows like a ghost to wait for his next victim.”

In honor of the new Gladiator here is the song Everything Zen:

Results, American Gladiators 1st Half Blow by Blow

The first episode of Season two is a double episode. This is a summary of the first half and it’s events. Rocket didn’t make an appearance yet, but Jet did. I’m expecting Rocket (Evan) to show up for the second half.

Male Contestants:
Randee Haynes, Construction worker, Married w/two kids. 5′8″ 170 lbs.
Jesus Jay Martinez, 40-yr-old, police officer & SWAT team, from New Jersey. 6′ 191 lbs.

Female Contestants:
Melissa Trinidad single mom & martial arts instructor, from Brandon, Florida. 5′1″, 111 lbs.
Elena Maskalik a single, 22-yr-old Firefighter originally from Ukraine, currently resides in Foster City, California. 5′6″ 143 pounds.

For the males, the first event of season 2 was Rocket Ball. Randee and Jay went up against Wolf and Toa. The Gladiators and Contenders each have their own button which shoots them up into the air. The contenders have to get the ball in the baskets while the Gladiators try to stop them. All this is happening while they are suspended from cables. 

Elena and Melissa went up against Crush and Venom on the Pyramid. The contenders had no luck getting past the Gladiators. Crush looked like she was going to break poor Elena’s neck.

The next event, Hang Tough, Randee teased Wolf by saying, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” That was funny. They said they made Hang Tough twice as big. Wolf and Randy both ended up going for a swim, Randy gets 5 points! Randee is funny; he did a little dance and stuck his tongue out at Wolf. Now it’s time for the Swat time guy Jay to go against Wolf. Jay has a little bit of an advantage because Wolf is tired from round one. But it doesn’t matter; he gets taken down really quick.

The girls go against Crush in Joust. Elena got knocked off after a beating. I’m surprised the girl didn’t drown when she hit the water after that beating. Melissa is so tiny, she got knocked off pretty quick.

On the Gauntlet, the SWAT officer went against Titan, Toa, Militia and Justice. Jay seems like he has a lot of adrenaline going. He made it though with great time. Randee is next on the Gauntlet. I like him. I hope he wins, he’s so funny and has a great attitude. Too bad, he was stopped by Justice. Afterwards Randee held his children and he asked, “Did you see the big man push me down and make it hurt?”

Melissa goes against Helga on assault. She got four points then got taken out. My son is convinced Hellga is really a boy. Elena held her ‘ball shooter’ the wrong way. She was aiming for Hellga but it shot out behind her and almost took out the camera man. Oops.

Justice and Titan put on a show on the pyramid. Poor Randy looked worried going up against titan. The SWAT guy held on tight at the top and Justice finally knocked him back down. You could tell the contenders were exhausted when they ran out of time laying on the ground at the bottom of the pyramid.

Monica Carlson came out for the Wall, behind Elena.  Monica is a new Gladiator called Jet. She got quite an entrance. She didn’t stop Elena, not even close. Melissa slipped and fell off the wall.

Randy won on the eliminator. He really kicked butt! Jay fell way behind. The girls both had trouble finishing. It looked like they may have made the event too difficult.


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