Should New York Stores Start No Return Policy Due To Bed Bugs?

Would a temporary no return policy help stop the spread of bed bugs in New York stores? Victoria’s Secrets, Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch all had a problem with the parasites. Bedbugs could still be spread in the fitting rooms, though. So maybe we should try a bedbug detector at the entrance to the stores. That would be a good idea. Someone invent that, please. Sort of like a metal detector, only with bedbugs. 

But really, I wonder if a no return policy would help. It would be worth a try. How many people really return stuff anyway? It is a pain in the butt. Especially with Victoria Secrets. I mean, who would want returned underwear anyway?

Check out our previous posts about bedbugs listed below. definitely save a link to the Bedbug Registry, where you can check to see if hotels have bedbugs before you stay there. I was shocked to see the amount of hotels in my area that had bedbugs!

Bed Bugs In Victoria’s Secret. No Return Policy In Order! -today

Bedbugs Close Down Hollister Store In New York – last month (Bedbug Registry information)

Ship Full of Spiders Turned Away From Guam – yesterday

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